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Friday, August 21, 2015

Yard Sale


9 AM - 2 PM.

KMS Radio is hosting a YARD SALE at 25-27 Grand St. on Saturday and Sunday August 22 and 23. We will have Music blaring with lots of stuff from clothes to household goods, and more.. come and support us

We might even have some LP's & CD's out there for sale!

There will be more than just us with items for sale. If you have anything you want to part with feel free to drop it off or join in. All proceeds are going to help get KMS Radio upgraded & back on the air!

There will be some snacks and ice tea available as well.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Upgrading KMS Radio

We will be shutting down for a couple of days to do some major upgrading of our computer system. Starting today around noon.

Hopefully we can get back on the air temporarily tonight for Sarah Love​'s - Pick The Mix ~ No Pants Day Show but we can't promise anything at this point.

Please consider making a donation to help with the upgrades we still need to make (plus you'll get a Koozie or two while supplies last we are running low on them) every little bit helps. We are trying to improve your listening experience as well as our data base.

Also feel free to make suggestions on the type of music you want us to play. We are always looking for newer or new to us music to play!

More fom Ian McNabb

New editions to KMS Radio thanks to Ian McNabb of The Icicle Works!

Get your autographed copies here: www.ianmcnabb.com


Monday, August 17, 2015


Well things are starting to look up for good old KMS Radio! 

After a couple of donations last week and a heck of show Saturday night with Stephen Arnold stopping into to be a co-dj. Thank you very much! Hopefully we can do more show like that with him and other co-dj's.

We are always on the move to add new or new to us music to the vast collection we have and we have a chance to move on to bigger and better things an opportunity has arisen to do some serious hardware & software upgrades and we are anxiously waiting to start working on them but we can't pull it off completely without you the listener. 

So if you can spare any extra $$ please donate to KMS Radio as much as you can or if you can. Every little bit counts. We really want to improve the station and your listening experience! 

Please help us out if you can!

Also please share this post. 

Thank you.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Special Guest DJ Tonight On Big B's Show!!

Big B will be having a special Guest DJ during his show!

The great and powerful Mr. Stephen Arnold​ will be rocking the airwaves with me tonight!

So tune on in and check him out! Make some requests! (Especially if it's punk related we all know how he loves his punk! But it doesn't have to be. Actually ask him to play some Donna Summer!).

It's all happening around 6 PM (EST)!

Tonight On KMS Radio!


Big B is going to be live on the air taking your requests at 6 PM (EST)!

We're going to have a great night tonight playing Rock (new & old), Classic Rock, Country (new & old) and whatever else you want to hear!

So tune on in for a great time, crank up the volume and boogie around the house, in your car or even on your front lawn let's get the party started and have a great time!!

Remember you can listen to KMS Radio on your PC, laptop, phone or tablet.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Donations Needed!

Hopefully today we will get some donations or we will be going off the air on Friday night.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sarah Love's - Pick The Mix ~ No Pants Day Show Tonight!

There will be a show tonight one way or another. If Sarah Love​ is ever allowed to come home and take a nap prior to the show lol!

Big B might have to start the show and then have Sarah finish it cause you know.....The Show Must Go On!

So tune in at 6 PM (EST) for Sarah Love's - Pick The Mix ~ No Pants Day Show!

Make requests & dedications and yes you can make more than one!

Depending on the turn out tonight we may go beyond 9 PM the last couple of Wednesday nights were great fun for both of us.

Hope to hear from all of you tonight!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Big B Is On The Air Tonight!


Big B is going to help you rock your Friday Night away!

Going to be live tonight and playing all kinds of music newer & older.

Also going to be exploring some of the music from the 3 new Zeppelin remasters.

So tune on in makes some requests and lets have some fun!

Show starts at 6 PM (EST)!

Zeppelin Re-Masters

The 3 final Led Zeppelin Re-Masters are being added to the KMS Music Library at this very moment!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thank You!

Last night was a successful night for Sarah Love​'s show it was a hell of a great time!

I'd like to thank all those who tuned in or tuned in, chatted and made requests!

Especially Charlie Brown​ John Simpson​ Peter & Krazy Jokes!

Also a big THANK YOU to a certain someone for the nice donation yesterday!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sarah Love's ~ Pick The Mix Show


Join us for Sarah Love​'s ~ Pick The Mix Show at 6 PM (EST)!

She's back.....She's Bad!

Make requests & dedications, Crank up the volume, dance around the house and sing at the top of your lungs!

If you like her show send her some love! Make a donation we have very few Koozies left and a few copies of the Champ-O-Sauras DVD left!


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